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There Is An Upcoming Special Occasion and You Are Planning On

There is an upcoming special occasion and you are planning on what you will give a loved one. You know your beloved is into rock climbing and has always wanted to climb like Chris Sharma. Obviously, that is not as easy to achieve since Chris Sharma has been crushing toughies every year; and your beloved is not Chris Sharma. And since you cannot magically change your loved one to become Chris Sharma, you may at least gift him sepatu gunung with the mountain climbing gears that Chris Sharma uses.
Climbing gear: prAna clothes
First on the list is the prAna climbing gear clothes. The brand has been established since 1990 and has been the golden standard for rock climbing clothes. With their motto, €Born from the experience€, the brand creates functional clothes from really durable materials. Chris Sharma is a climbing legend and is known to be donning clothes made by prAna since he was 11 years old.
Surfer Shoes from Sanuk
Wearing the sidewalk surfer pair of shoes from Sanuk will clearly let you know why Chris Sharma became a part of the Sanuk Climbing Team. True to what the brand says, the shoes which are actually a pair of sandals with shoe tops, are really €addictively comfortable€. They are designed without sticky soles but when you are scrambling through boulders, you are guaranteed that they do not slip. This pair of surfer shoes is a really good choice of climbing gear gift if you want to approach heinous routes with excellence and ease.

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